Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

Running through the surf, tasting local delicacies, walking through an overwhelmingly beautiful nature reserve and trying to find the way with hands and feet ... Unique experiences, unique memories. An experience that you do not only give yourself but also your children, grandchildren and the generations afterwards? We are committed to this.

Mission Viaselect Leisure Group: 'Sustainable tourism business'

"Our mission is to contribute to a sustainable society and to sustainable tourism entrepreneurship. The aim of our policy is to minimize the negative environmental, socio-cultural and economic consequences of our products and business processes. We support and motivate our suppliers to use a better sustainability standard. We create more awareness among our employees and encourage responsible travel behavior among our customers. "

In order to meet this mission, we have set objectives in a sustainability policy plan for the short, medium and long term *. Moreover, a number of measures are already in force within our organisation. In order to monitor the sustainability policy plan and create support, a sustainable tourism-team has been appointed, they meet every two weeks and report to the management and Travelife.

 * Short term: within 1 year, medium term: within 3 years, long term: within 5 years.