Camping Greece

Dance the Sirtaki with the welcoming Greeks!

Who does not dream about a holiday in Greece? Bluer than blue sea water, small hidden coves, whitewashed houses with Greek blue window frames and triktrak playing men on a terrace shaded by vine leaves. In the evening spoiling yourself on a village square with a plate of stuffed tomatoes, souvlaki, a fresh salad with feta and of course a glass of wine!

Excellent Greek olive oil

On the mainland of Greece you will find mainly a rugged and mountainous landscape with lakes and forests. From the flatter areas such as Macadonia and Tassalia, mainly citrus fruits, rice, tobacco and vegetables. Peloponnese, the southern peninsula, is best known for the good extra virgin olive oil. Greece has a huge coastline; 15,000 kilometres, not surprising when you consider that 2000 islands belong to Greece. Crete, Rhodes, Kos and Corfu have been very popular holiday islands for years. The Greek sun, the Mediterranean food, the lovely villages, the hospitable Greeks, beaches that can only be reached by boat, the lukewarm sea ... Greece has all the ingredients for a wonderful holiday!

Greek myths

Greek mythology explained to the ancient Greeks what happened to natural phenomena and the origin of the world. The Olympian gods came from the Olympus to help ordinary mortals, rebuke and father children. These children, demigods, had recognizable, human feelings and shortcomings and were admired for their heroic deeds and extraordinary qualities. Due to its favorable location along the trade route between Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, Greece had a very prosperous civilization. Many other civilizations have also left their mark in Greece. In Greece you therefore almost trip over the excavations, archaeological excavations and cultural treasures. Immerse yourself in the world of Zeus!

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