Camping Netherlands

Wide coastline with beautiful sandy beaches...

Signatures of Holland are windmills, clogs, bulb fields and Amsterdam. In a nutshell, the Netherlands is an amazing country and you will find beautiful sites all over the country.

South of the Netherlands

There is so much to see in the Netherlands such as the gorgeous small hills in Limburg where rivers flow through the landscape and you can see ancient castles or visit the limestone caves. If you fancy a city trip then Maastricht is just around the corner; go shopping, sit in cafes and enjoy the food!

Dutch landscapes

The East of the country there is famous for camping in the woods. One of the finest natural sites is the ‘Salland Ridge’ where you can see forests, sandy plains, purple moors and rare birds. The daytime amusement for the kids is great and will keep them entertained. There’s sun, sea and wide sandy beaches; on cooler days the Coastal walking path is great, feel the wind in your hair and a have a picnic in the dunes.

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