Camping in South Holland

Parks, flowers and beautiful beaches in South Holland!

In the Southern landscapes there are windmills, tulips, cheese markets, sand dunes, ancient villages and big cities. In this area there are also campsites on the coast which are the perfect destination for families with children.

Boat tours and cycling

Windmills, dunes and tulips! These are the main things that characterise the Netherlands, but not just that! Take a boat trip on the river Rhine, Lek or Rhone! As we know cycling is very popular in South holland, thanks to the large and well serviced bike paths. Book the campsites during the spring so you can enjoy the beautiful expanses of tulips, which strongly characterize this country.

The Dutch coast

‘Madurodam’ is a theme park which is a great destination for families with children. Spend a day exploring this amazing country; Kijkduin is a beautiful coastal town overlooking the sea in the north, a perfect destination to spend relaxing days on the beach or walk along the coast. The Hague and Rotterdam are two nearby cities which are easy to reach from the campsites. We also recommend a visit to Leerdam, a fantastic town famous for the production of glass and cheese!

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