Camping Hungary

The gorgeous Hungarian sea...

Hungary is sure to make you happy! The lakes are huge, shallow and so warm. It is the land of natural spas, countless caves and a fairytale of a place. It is also, of course, the destination for great campsites.

Beautiful water

On the beach you can see the sea for miles and miles. With temperatures so warm you won’t be able to hold yourself back from diving into this beautiful clear water. The huge size of the beach makes it an ideal playground for Children.

Natural Wonders

Hungary is flat with stunning green hills, which makes it perfect for bike riding. On the peninsula ‘Tihany’ you will have to stop at every corner to take in the beautiful views! You can take the most beautiful photos of Lake Balaton. Hungary is rich in special natural phenomena and it has thousands of caves and thermal baths around ‘Sarvar’ with gorgeous campsites around every corner.

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