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Beautiful pink flamingos...

If you want to spend a relaxing holiday among white beaches, blue sea and palm trees, a campsite in Sardinia is the place for you. Sardinia is the land of untouched nature and here there are many animals such as deer and wild horses. Typical of this area are the famous ‘Nuraghs’, beautiful buildings shaped like a truncated cone.


True Sardinia! They are proud of their origins and of their own island. Each area boasts its own features, festivals, traditions, costumes and music. Sardinia is also famous for its excellent culinary delights such as roast mutton and various cheeses such as ‘pecorino’.

Pink Flamingos

With long beaches of white sand, blue sea, palm trees here and there and hidden bays between the white rocks, Sardinia is a magic island. The campsites are all located on the beautiful shores and the most famous is the Costa Smeralda. Here you can stroll to the harbour and see the beautiful pink flamingos. Another beautiful area to visit is the city of Cagliari, with its caves of Neptune, the largest granite canyon in Europe.

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Campsite Le Dune - Sardinia - Etranger (999) - Muravera
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