Camping Luxembourg

Beautiful landscapes of Luxembourg...

The Middle Ages come to life in Luxembourg as it is the land of castles, rugged nature, lakes and rivers.

Back to the Middle Ages

A drive of only three or four hours takes you from Calais to Luxembourg, land of castles and fortresses. They are Luxembourgers most proud possession so they like to throw parties to celebrate. All the castles are truly beautiful sites, such as Castle Vianden which towers over the town and makes for a beautiful view of the vast green landscape.

Adventure trips or relaxing

When you think of Luxembourg, you think of dark green forests, rocks and rivers. In the Luxembourg-Ardennes you can mountain bike through rugged forests or paddle through the rapids. In the ‘Mullerthal’ region you can walk endlessly and the trails are beautiful! The wine is grown locally and you can really taste the flavour of the Luxembourg nature.

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