Camping Slovenia

An underground of beautiful caves!

If you want to find sun, sea, beaches, an impressive Alpine landscape, stalactite caves, underground lakes, impressive scenic hills, wonderful wine and medieval castles, Slovenia has it all! Visit Ljubljana and Maribor for some Slovenian culture and choose one of the wonderful campsites to complete your stay.

The best of Europe

Slovenia is a mix of the most beautiful countries in Europe and campsites are spread across the country. Slovenia has a small coastal area where there is a lovely beach with views of azure waters and high cliffs. Find nearby medieval towns with vineyards and olive groves and the atmosphere here is very friendly.

Natural underground wonder

The ‘Julijska’ region has mountains to climb and the view is fantastic with alpine meadows, mountain lakes, wild rivers and waterfalls. In the east, the landscape is hillier and there are plenty of places to swim. The greatest natural wonder is located underground. Nowhere else will you find so many caves, underground lakes and rivers. Take an exciting trip with the whole family!

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