Glamping in Liguria

Flowers, mountains and the beautiful sea!

Liguria boasts a 300-kilometre long coastline made up of the Riviera of Flowers and Palms, the Riviera di Ponente, and the Riviera di Levante. On the Riviera di Ponente half of the Italian flower production takes place. That is why the A10 motorway also bears the name "Autobahn der Blumen". That makes the journey to your Glampinurlaub already an experience.

Culture and history in cities and villages

Genoa, the capital of the region, was in the Middle Ages the center of the then important maritime republic. Fortified fortifications to be visited testify to the changing history even today. At the border mark of the old town lies the alleged birthplace of Christopher Columbus. The spa town of Sanremo is not for nothing called the flower city, as it is well known for the carnation and rose growing and the flower market. Stroll through the oriental-style "Kasbah", an intricate maze of passageways and lanes in the old town. La Spezia is the regional metropolis and has one of the most important commercial ports of the Mediterranean. La Spezia has a number of historic buildings, museums and cultural attractions. Rapallo is the largest seaside resort on the Riviera di Levante, about 33 kilometers southeast of Genoa. Portofino, which stands out due to the exposed landscape of the natural harbor, was founded at the time of the Roman Empire under the name Portus Delphini (Dolphin Harbor). This is most likely due to the high prevalence of these marine mammals.

Rest in front of breathtaking scenery

The Cinque Terre (translated as "Five Lands") refers to a stretch of coastline on the Italian Riviera that is about twelve kilometers long. From northwest to southeast, the five beautiful villages of Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore line up along the steep coast. We recommend a train ride through this region, as the route consists of impressive sections of the tunnel with frequent views of the sea, connecting all five villages and stopping at the beach in between.

Liguria is characterized by a mild climate, with the hinterland being influenced by the high mountain ranges and the coast by the warm Ligurian Sea. Ideal conditions for a wonderful beach and beach holiday in the summer. In the territory of Liguria there is a national park, eight regional parks, three regional nature reserves and one national nature reserve. The Ligurian High Trail is a 440-kilometer hiking trail that mostly runs on the ridges of the Ligurian Apennines, crossing a variety of the above-mentioned nature reserves. Two Marine Protected Areas and the Shrine of Whales protect parts of the Ligurian Sea.

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