Outdoor XXL in Sweden

Feeling adventurous? Go Sweden! Build a raft, see elk, the possibilities are endless!

Sweden is real adventurous destination. It is a wonderful place if you like the outdoors. There is so much space to go hiking, Swedish lakes are always clean. There is lots of trails to walk along and you can very easily book all kinds of safaris during your stay and go in search of elk?

Rafts on the river
There are nearly one hundred thousand lakes and thousands of kilometres of rivers and canals in Sweden. Swedes very often canoe, the perfect way to enjoy the scenic beauty of the water and surroundings! It is also nice experience to go to the river Klarälven on a raft in Värmland. And then ... sauna, because it really is Swedish!

This area is called Värmland for good reason: it's one of the finest outdoor areas in Sweden and also is easily accessible from the Netherlands. By ferry, you'll get there faster than you think.

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