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Aptly nicknamed the country of three borders, Moselle nestles in the north-eastern reaches of France, touching the border with neighbouring Germany and Luxembourg. Situated in the historic region of Lorraine, now in the Grand Est, the department has plenty of places to enjoy nature and just as many cities, towns and villages to enjoy culture.

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Camping Holidays In Moselle

Camping in Moselle affords holidaymakers the chance to discover and appreciate one of the most beautiful areas of France. Inspiring landscapes set the scene for truly fantastic outdoor adventures in the Lorraine Regional Nature Park and Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park. Be immersed in the culture and traditions of the department in the Rodemack, Thionville and Saint-Quirin and appreciate art and history in the beautiful city of Metz.

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Things to do when camping in Moselle

There’s so much to keep you busy during a camping holiday in Moselle, whether you prefer adventures in the outdoors, cultural day trips to your destination’s villages or a mixture of both. The department is blessed with fantastic national parks where nature reigns supreme as well as captivating cities and towns stepped in history, traditions and culture.

The landscapes of pure natural beauty filled with plenty of greenery in the Lorraine Regional Nature Park lend themselves perfectly to a range of open-air excursions and activities including walking, hiking, cycling and bird watching. The park comprises of wooded valleys, agricultural plains, rivers and a sprawling arrangement of wetlands. Dotted throughout the countryside, several heritage sites are worth a visit including the villages of Arnaville, Hattonchâtel and Bayonville-sur-Mad, as well as numerous museums, abbeys and castles.

In the Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park, campers can enjoy a multitude of bracing outdoor activities as well as archaeological sites and places of important military heritage. There are plenty of elevated areas in the park, so hikers can enjoy vistas that unfold far across the landscape. Densely packed forests offer magical walking trips while a series of marvellous castles will appease lovers of history and architectural heritage.

One of the most startling sites in Moselle is the Rock of Dabo, a massive block of sandstone formed over 200 million years that has been noted as a place of worship over the years. Occupied as far back as the Stone Age, the rock features a chapel and offers climbers amazing views of the Vosges Mountains.

On the Marne-Rhine canal, the Saint-Louis Arzviller Inclined Plane can best be described as a boatlift, and a piece of engineering genius. Visitors can get an insight into the plane by walking around the machine room as well as getting first-hand experience of the mechanics by going down the incline on a boat and enjoying a ride along the canal.

The chief city of the department is Metz, a pretty urban sprawl noted for its contemporary art and abundance of historical sites. On a day trip to Metz, holidaymakers can enjoy stopping by several attractions including Metz Cathedral, Museum of La Cour d'Or, Centre Pompidou-Metz Museum, Porte des Allemands Walled Town, The Camouflage Tower and the Botanical Gardens.

For an insight into the culture of the region’s villages and towns, ensure to stop by one of the following quaint places where you can enjoy a relaxed way of life; Rodemack, Thionville and Saint-Quirin.

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