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General Booking Terms and Conditions of CampingVision International AG

General booking conditions of CampingVision International AG

Valid for bookings from 2 October 2023 onwards

These general booking conditions apply to all holiday accommodation offered by CampingVision International AG ("CampingVision") as a lessor.

1. Scope 

CampingVision offers the customer the rental of holiday accommodations at a campsite, holiday park, water park etc. in the form of a holiday home, flat, mobile home, tent, bungalow or camping pitch (hereinafter referred to as the "accommodation") as an individual tourist service on the basis of these General Rental Terms and Conditions. CampingVision, as the lessor of the respective accommdoation, is not subject to the regulations for package holidays. A rental agreement is concluded between CampingVision and the customer ("Customer" / "Renter").

2. Booking and booking confirmation, application of services, changes to services, rental documents 

2.1. By making a booking on the current website https://www.vacanceselect.com/ie, the customer enters into a binding travel agreement with CampingVision.  The booking can be made by telephone or by making a booking via the website.

2.2. For internet bookings, the following applies to the formation of the contract: During the booking process, the customer can change his entered data at any time. By clicking on the "Prices & Booking" button, the customer can enter his data and then select the payment method. By clicking on the "Book Now" button, or something similar, the customer enters a binding travel contract with a payment obligation.  The customer must ensure that the information entered is correct.   

2.3. The agreement comes into effect after approval of the booking by CampingVision. The customer is usually informed of the conclusion of the rental agreement via a booking confirmation by e-mail. The customer is not entitled to receive a booking agreement by post. CampingVision is free to refuse the booking without giving reasons.

2.4 CampingVision points out that consumers are not entitled to revoke the purchase of services related to individual travel services. This means that the holiday accommodation rental contract cannot be cancelled by the tenant free of charge, even in the case of an online booking. Only the contractual or statutory cancellation rights granted here apply.

2.5. It is the responsibility of the customer to inform CampingVision if they have not received the necessary documents for the stay (Voucher) at least 14 days before arrival. This is subject to the condition that the entire travel sum has been received by CampingVision. The customer is responsible for regularly checking their spam folder/emails. The Voucher must be shown on-site at the start of the stay.

3. Agreement of service  

3.1. The services provided by CampingVision are determined by the respective holiday accommodation offered and its conditions, as described in the booking confirmation provided to the customer. It includes only the listed hired accommodation, but not any services that the campsite may offer that are not part of the contract. This applies, for example, to swimming pools, entertainment or facilities and shops present in the campsite. As a result, during pre-season and post-season, campsite owners are authorised not to offer all facilities and amenities, such as swimming pools, entertainment, or shops on the campsite.

Availability of campsite facilities may also be limited due to legal measures, weather conditions such as drought, essential cost-saving measures by the campsite, or legal closures, orders or restrictions on the availability and quantitative use of water, electricity, gas, oil or other heating fuels.

The mentioned start and end dates of e.g. swimming pools and animation are subject to change. Swimming shorts are not always allowed in the swimming pool. At some campsites, it is compulsory to wear a bathing cap in the swimming pool. We cannot accept liability for changed conditions during the holiday season. Nor can we accept responsibility for external influences such as weather conditions, construction activities on site, vermin, noise pollution, and operation of campsite facilities (including swimming pool and WIFI and circumstances for which the campsite owner is responsible). Some campsite facilities or activities may be subject to a (small) fee.

3.2. CampingVision has the right to change or deviate from the agreed service after the conclusion of the contract, if such changes or deviations are reasonable for the other party to the contract, consider the interests of the party making the change, and are not contrary to good faith. This applies to optional, bookable extras such as bedding, and to adjustments to services due to weather conditions such as drought, essential cost-saving measures by the campsite, or legal measures or restrictions regarding the availability and quantitative use of water, electricity, gas, oil, or other heating fuels.

4. Customer payments, last-minute bookings, on request bookings

4.1. After receiving the booking confirmation, a deposit in the amount of 25% of the booking price is due within three working days from the date of the booking confirmation.  This deposit will be deducted from the total price. The remaining payment is due eight weeks before the start of the stay. The customer can find the bank details for the deposit and the final payment on the booking confirmation/invoice. Cancellation, processing, and rebooking fees must be paid immediately. The customer may make payments via bank transfer, by credit card (MasterCard or Visa) or any other possible payment method offered in the booking system. CampingVision does not cover bank fees or costs incurred by the customer's bank, including credit card processing fees owed by the customer to their bank.

4.2. If the customer chooses to pay by credit card, they approve the debit of the deposit from their credit card account when making the booking. If CampingVision has accepted this method of payment in the booking confirmation, the customer's payment will be considered provisional until the established amount has been debited from the customer's credit card account by CampingVision and is therefore not subject to a full or partial chargeback. If a chargeback occurs for reasons attributable to the customer and payment is not honoured on time, the customer shall be considered in default, and CampingVision shall be entitled to charge any fees (including any bank fees charged to CampingVision). The customer is responsible for timely payment of the deposit, final payment, or total payment due via their credit card.

4.3.  Last-Minute Bookings: For bookings made within eight weeks prior to the start of the stay ("Last-Minute Bookings"), the full rental price for the stay must be paid immediately, with only the payment methods offered in the booking system possible. If a bank transfer is made, the customer must immediately send a copy of the completed bank transfer to CampingVision via the contact form on the website. In the case of Last-Minute Bookings, CampingVision reserves the right to cancel the contract if, contrary to expectations, the holiday home/pitch is not available. In this case, after CampingVision has notified the cancellation, the customer will receive a refund of their payment. Please do not make any travel plans (e.g. flights or ferries) until the booking has been finalized.

In addition, CampingVision reserves the right to offer alternative accommodation after the conclusion of the contract for Last-Minute Bookings if such a change or deviation from the originally selected holiday accommodation is reasonable for the customer, considering the interests of CampingVision and does not violate good faith. The customer will be offered an alternative, available, and comparable accommodation. If the customer is not satisfied with this alternative, they can withdraw from the contract within 24 hours of Camping Vision’s offer. The customer must use the contact form on the website to do so. In this case, the customer will also receive a full refund of the payment made. The provisions of Article 2.4 also apply to Last-Minute Bookings, which cannot be cancelled free of charge.
4.4 Bookings on request:   When you book an on-request holiday, we will contact the accommodation provider on your behalf to inquire whether they still have the required accommodation available. It may take up to 3 business days before we receive a response. We will then send you one of the following responses:

The request is available: Your request immediately becomes a definitive booking. After confirmation from the accommodation provider, you will receive an invoice via email within 24 hours. PLEASE NOTE: If you subsequently wish to cancel, cancellation charges will apply.

The request is unavailable:   If the supplier cannot accommodate you, we will contact you by telephone or email to try to find a suitable alternative holiday. Any additional costs will be passed to the customer.  Please do not make any travel plans (e.g. flights or ferries) until the booking has been finalized.

4.5. You must adhere to the final payment date stated on your invoice. The amount must be in the possession of CampingVision on the dates stated.

4.6. If the customer does not make the deposit or remaining payment due despite a payment reminder and a reasonable deadline, CampingVision is entitled to withdraw from the agreement and charge the customer cancellation costs in accordance with Article 5.3 and possibly claim further costs. Any documents or vouchers already issued will be declared invalid.

4.7. Costs such as tourist tax or local taxes levied by third parties or government agencies must (in some cases) be paid locally and are not always included in the rental price. Such charges and third-party charges to the customer may be subject to change. CampingVision accepts no liability for this.

5. Cancellation by the customer, cancellation costs, changes, cancellation by CampingVision
5.1. CampingVision voluntarily grants the customer the right to withdraw from the agreement at any time before the start of their stay. The cancellation costs described in 5.3 apply. It is mandatory to report the cancellation to CampingVision in writing via the contact form on the website.

5.2. After cancellation of the holiday accommodation agreement, the customer can book the same accommodation again. Further availability and the same price for holiday accommodation cannot be guaranteed by CampingVision. The price at the time of booking always applies. This price can be changed on the CampingVision website and will be shown to the customer accordingly. A subsequent change in the price is not possible for the booking, whether it concerns an increase or a decrease.

Discounts after booking

We reserve the right to increase or decrease the price of unsold holidays at any time. Last-minute discounts are not valid on bookings made before the discounts are published. It is not possible to receive a refund for the price difference.

5.3. If an agreement is cancelled, the customer is liable to pay the following cancellation costs (accommodation price including all extras, such as bed linen), in addition to the costs of any travel & cancellation insurance and SGR-fee taken out:

From the day of booking up to 46 days before the start of the stay: 25%
From day 45 to day 36 before the start of the stay: 50%
From day 35 to day 3 before the start of the stay: 80%
From 2 days before the start of the stay and in the case of no-show: 100%

5.4. To cover costs associated with cancellation or interruption of stays, CampingVision recommends purchasing cancellation insurance. CampingVision can offer such insurance from Campez Couvert to the customer during the booking process. Cancellation insurance is not included in the travel price.

5.5. Changes by the customer

Changes to bookings can only be made on request up to 14 days before arrival. If this change is possible, it will be confirmed in writing. Changes in travel duration are not always possible as we coordinate reservations as much as possible so that there is as minimal vacancy in the accommodation as possible.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you wish to make any changes after receiving confirmation. We will try to accommodate the request but cannot guarantee that we can make the change. Our change costs are €30 for all changes reported to us.

Any change costs and/or increased costs charged by third parties will be passed on to the customer.

CampingVision offers a variety of accommodation providers. Once your booking has been confirmed, it is not possible to change your booking to another provider without first cancelling your original booking. In this case, the cancellation costs as stated in 5.3 apply and this payment cannot be transferred to the booking with the new provider.

Where possible, we may make changes to your booking with your original accommodation provider and in that case, you will also be charged for any increased costs resulting from the changes you make to your (accommodation) booking, plus the change costs.

If you make changes to your booking that result in a price reduction, the cancellation charges above will apply to the amount of this price reduction at the time of notification of the change.

If we are unable to make your requested change and you do not wish to proceed with your holiday, your booking will be deemed cancelled from the date the change is requested and normal cancellation charges will apply. We reserve the right to refuse any changes to your booking.

Subject to availability, your holiday dates may be extended during your stay at the campsite. Additional nights must be requested and paid for by the campsite representatives or at reception. Discounted prices (e.g. 14=12) or other current discounts at that time cannot be used in conjunction with these extra nights. If you arrive late or depart early from your holiday, no refunds for unused paid nights will be made. Furthermore, under no circumstances is it possible to transfer such paid amounts to a booking for the following calendar year.

5.6. In exceptional cases, to be determined by CampingVision, the customer can change the booking to the following year. If applicable, the customer will receive a new booking confirmation for the changed booking. Article 5.1 does not apply in this case; the customer therefore has no new right of withdrawal granted by CampingVision, but only legal rights.

5.7. Although CampingVision does not expect any changes to your booking to be necessary, unforeseen circumstances may occasionally arise. In such cases, we reserve the right to adjust or cancel your booking. We will notify you of any significant changes or cancellations as soon as possible and work with you to find suitable alternative accommodations. If no acceptable alternative is available or accepted by you, we will refund all payments made as soon as possible. Any such changes will often be communicated by e-mail.

5.8. Sometimes we must deal with force majeure situations. These are situations beyond our or the accommodation provider's control, such as natural disasters, government measures and other unforeseen circumstances. If a case of force majeure prevents us from offering the booked accommodation, CampingVision has the right to terminate the booking agreement prior to your stay. In such cases, we will do our best to rebook you to an alternative accommodation or you will receive a refund of all payments made as soon as possible. You cannot claim additional compensation or damages in such cases. We will try to assist you in finding alternative accommodations to ensure your holiday is possible, but we cannot guarantee this. CampingVision accepts no liability if your stay is interrupted by a "force majeure" event during your holiday.

6. Purpose of rental, number of persons, duration of rental (check-in and check-out), late arrival of the customer.

6.1. The hired holiday accommodation may only be used for holiday and recreational purposes and be occupied by the number of people stated in the booking confirmation. This also applies to children, regardless of their age. If additional people stay in the accommodation other than what is stated in the booking agreement, CampingVision has the right to demand additional compensation. You must always observe the maximum number of people allowed. All travel participants must be registered when booking. The person who books the trip for other participants is jointly and severally liable for all others he/she registers. If you exceed the maximum number of guests allowed, you may be denied access to the accommodation. Our campsites are family campsites and are not suitable for hen and stag parties, nor groups of young people (even if they are over 18 years old). A minimum of 1 person among the travel participants in each accommodation must be 26 or older.   CampingVision accepts no responsibility for this, and this gives CampingVision grounds for immediate termination of the booking agreement in accordance with Article 9. It is not permitted to rent for other purposes, such as housing for employees, and may also lead to immediate termination of the booking agreement in accordance with Article 9.

6.2. The accommodation provider does not accept unaccompanied youth in its accommodations. Guests under the age of 18 travelling without their parents or legal guardians must have written consent to travel signed by their parents or legal guardians.  The accommodation provider also reserves the right to refuse deviating reservations, in particular groups, without giving reasons. Groups must submit a request before booking. Some campsites do not accept groups. Depending on the composition and size of the group, the age and the campsite, it will be determined whether the booking will be accepted or not. If not accepted, then any payments made will then be refunded.

6.3. Check-in and check-out times: The booking agreement is only valid for the duration stated in the booking confirmation. In case of early arrival, the tenant has no right of access to the holiday accommodation. Check-in and check-out times are stated in the voucher provided to the customer. If the customer does not show up at the agreed time without notifying the provider, CampingVision will consider it an actual withdrawal by the customer, and the customer will not be entitled to access the holiday accommodation in case of late arrival. CampingVision has the right to charge the customer the 100% cancellation fee, as stated in article 5.3, in the event of a no-show. There will then be no refund of the travel price or any part thereof. If CampingVision grants the customer access to the holiday accommodation despite the delay, there will be no refund of the travel price or any part thereof for late arrival or early departure.

7. Accommodation use, pets, wishes/guarantees

7.1. The customer is obliged to treat the rented holiday accommodation with care and to ventilate it sufficiently. The customer is legally liable if damage is caused to the holiday accommodation, the grounds, or the inventory. The customer must verify their liability insurance coverage (see clause 11.2) and provide evidence of such insurance upon request by the accommodation provider. Upon arrival, the customer must inspect the holiday accommodation for damage and immediately report this to the accommodation provider's representative.

7.2. It is not permitted to sublet the holiday accommodation.

7.3. Bringing pets into the holiday accommodation is generally not allowed and is not provided by CampingVision. A pet may only be brought if the customer has made an explicit request in advance and if the bringing of the pet has been expressly approved by CampingVision in the booking confirmation. The prior request must specify the pet (species, number, size, age). If a pet is brought into the holiday accommodation without prior permission and express confirmation by CampingVision, CampingVision is entitled to immediately terminate the booking agreement in accordance with Article 9.
In this case, the customer must immediately vacate the booked holiday accommodation without receiving a refund for the unused rental period. CampingVision reserves the right to evict and not allow a pet into the holiday accommodation on a case-by-case basis, depending on the specific nature of the animal. Beds, sofas, seating furniture and the swimming pool may not be used by animals. The campsite rules must be always adhered to.

7.4. The customer must adhere to instructions from the accommodation provider/CampingVision regarding the holiday accommodation. This includes in any case that the customer does not cause any nuisance, only uses linen on beds and leaves the holiday accommodation clean upon departure in accordance with instructions. Failure to comply with instructions gives CampingVision the right to immediate termination in accordance with Article 9.

7.5. Unless otherwise agreed, placing (extra) tents, caravans and campers on the site of the hired holiday accommodation is not permitted. CampingVision has the right to demand their immediate removal. In the event of non-compliance with this obligation, CampingVision is entitled to terminate the contract with immediate effect in accordance with Article 9.

7.6 Wishes/Guarantees  
 If you are travelling with one or more families, we understand that you would like to stay next to each other. You must inform us of your special request at the time of booking and this will be passed on to the accommodation provider. We will do our utmost to fulfil your request, but unfortunately, we cannot give any guarantees. Some accommodation providers do not accept wishes/location requests.

Booking early or being a repeat customer does not guarantee or improve your chances of obtaining your special request. If your special request is not possible, you will not be informed in advance. There is no charge for such special requests.

For some accommodation types, you can book a guaranteed "side-by-side" request for an additional fee per accommodation (maximum 3 accommodations for the same dates).    This will then guarantee that you will stay next to each other.  Side-by-side also includes behind each other, and diagonally opposite each other, as long as there is no other accommodation between your accommodation and that of the other party(s).   If we are unable to honour your guaranteed "side-by-side" special request, you will receive a refund of the money you paid for this request.

8. Obligations of the customer about defects in the accommodation.

8.1. The customer must report any existing defects in the accommodation or defects occurring during the period of stay to the representative of the accommodation provider immediately upon arrival and request their rectification. If this is not resolved satisfactorily, the customer must contact CampingVision.

8.2. In the event of defects, the customer has the obligation to cooperate in their repair by granting access to the accommodation if necessary. The customer must not hinder the process and must cooperate to prevent or minimize further damage through the recovery (solution or rectification).

8.3. If the customer does not report a defect to the on-site employee and to CampingVision as required, and the defect cannot be repaired due to failure to report, the customer is not entitled to compensation or damages. Subsequently, any defects that have not been reported either on-site or to CampingVision are not eligible for compensation.

8.4. Agreements that the customer has concluded on-site with the on-site staff/provider without prior permission from CampingVision are not binding for CampingVision.

8.5. In the event of imminent danger, CampingVision has the right to instruct employees on-site to enter the accommodation and take initial preventive measures (for example, removal of a wasp nest).

8.6. The processing time for customer complaints can take up to 4 weeks. Any compensation from CampingVision is always a discretionary offer and will expire if the customer does not accept it within four weeks of submission.


If you believe that you have a valid complaint, please report it to the accommodation provider's representative or campsite staff. It is our policy to try to resolve any problems at the campsite so that you can enjoy your holiday.

If the issue is not resolved immediately, please contact our office and we will attempt to resolve the issue.   If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you must register your complaint in writing within 2 months of returning home. Complaints received after this period will not be processed.

Any complaints that do not follow the above procedures will not be processed. Any complaints in reviews will of course be read, but it is not considered a formal complaint and, therefore, no response will be given.

9. Termination by CampingVision due to customer behaviour

CampingVision may terminate the use of the accommodation with immediate effect in the event of overcrowding or if the maximum number of persons allowed in the accommodation is exceeded. After the start of the stay, CampingVision may also terminate the contract if a customer significantly disrupts the performance of the contract despite a warning, or if a customer or fellow traveller misbehaves in such a way that immediate termination of the contract is justified. This applies in particular if a contractually non-compliant occupancy of the accommodation, such as overcrowding of the accommodation, continues despite a warning, if a pet is present in the holiday home without prior permission from CampingVision, or if the customer violates the house rules despite a warning, or if the peace and tranquillity are significantly disturbed, or if the customer causes significant damage to the accommodation with intent or gross negligence.

10. Customer responsibility, limitation of responsibility

Every effort has been made in compiling the information on this website to ensure it is correct at the time of publication on October 1, 2023. We accept no liability for any errors, omissions or changes made during the holiday season. Nor do we accept liability for events beyond our control, such as unfavourable weather, noise pollution, construction activities on site, vermin, work on or on the campsite facilities (e.g. swimming pool and WiFi) and other circumstances for which the campsite owner is responsible.

We accept no liability where damage, loss of enjoyment or costs caused to you arising from circumstances of 'force Majeure, your actions or any third party not under the control of CampingVision. We accept no liability for events beyond the control of CampingVision, such as war, riots, strikes, natural disasters or similar events. The images and illustrations have been published in good faith to provide a general impression of the destination and/or accommodation. No rights can be derived. Image material is provided by our guests, colleagues and the campsite and we would like to thank them for their contributions. For situations not covered by the Terms and Conditions, decisions will be made at the discretion of Management.

11. Data protection, right to object

11.1. CampingVision informs the customer about the processing of their personal data in the data protection declaration on the website and in its data protection notices. CampingVision complies with the provisions of the GDPR legislation when processing personal data. Personal data is all data relating to a person (e.g. name, address, e-mail address). This data is processed to the extent necessary for the correct handling of the customer's request or booking request, for the implementation of pre-contractual measures, or for the execution of the booking agreement.

Data processing is permitted for the stated purposes. The data will not be provided to unauthorized third parties without the express consent of the customer. The customer has the option at any time to access, request information about, make changes to, correct, delete, limit processing, object to processing, have the data transferred, or lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority regarding their stored personal data. The data will be deleted when it is no longer necessary for the fulfilment of the contract or when its storage is prohibited by law. The customer can exercise their right to the erasure of data or general questions by using the contact form on the website or by emailing  

CampingVision at gdpr@campingvision.com.

11.2. By sending a message to CampingVision via the contact form on the website, the customer can also object at any time and free of charge to the use or processing of their data for advertising, market research, opinion research or marketing purposes.

12. Passport, visa and health requirements

CampingVision is not obliged to provide information about passport, visa or health regulations of the country in which the accommodation is located. Therefore, the customer is responsible for obtaining information about the required passport, visa and health regulations of the country in question, for example via the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The customer is also responsible for obtaining and carrying any necessary official travel documents, and any required vaccinations, as well as adhering to customs and currency regulations. Consequences of non-compliance with such regulations, such as paying cancellation costs, will be borne by the customer unless CampingVision has provided incorrect information.

13. Transport conditions & delays.

We cannot be held accountable for the costs incurred relating to cancelled flights. Regardless of whether insurance has been taken on the booking for the accommodations or campsite pitches. Flights are an entirely different entity and are not covered within the accommodation/campsite pitch booking. It is the responsibility of the guest to arrange their own transportation to the campsite. It is your responsibility to plan your journey and, if taking a self-drive holiday, to provide a roadworthy vehicle.  We will not offer a refund for unused accommodation or travel if insufficient time has been allowed for travelling or you have broken down.

14. Final provisions, notices

14.1. Swiss law applies exclusively to the booking agreement between the customer and CampingVision. To the extent that the customer is a merchant or a legal entity under private or public law, or a person whose domicile or habitual residence is abroad, or whose domicile or habitual residence is not known at the time of filing the lawsuit, Geneva agreed as the place of jurisdiction.

14.2. The invalidity of individual provisions of these general terms and conditions does not lead to the nullity of the entire contract.

14.3. The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution (ODR) for the out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes, which the tenant can find at https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr. CampingVision does not participate in a consumer arbitration process and is not legally obliged to participate in such processes.

15. SGR Protection - Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden

15.1 CampingVision is affiliated with SGR, No. 3857. You can verify this via www.sgr.nl. Within the limits of the SGR guarantee scheme (https://www.sgr.nl/english) the accommodations published on this website are covered by the SGR guarantee. This SGR guarantee means that the consumer is assured of a refund of their prepaid travel expenses if the customer is unable to fulfil the agreed performance because of bankruptcy. If the agreement also includes transport and the destination has already been reached, the return journey will be taken care of.

15.2 Consumer Contribution to SGR. Since February 1, 2021, every consumer who books a trip with a travel organization affiliated with SGR pays €10 per booking + €2.50 calamity fund. On every booking, you are obliged to contribute to the protection in the form of €10 SGR costs + €2.50 calamity fund. These fees are non-refundable.

Legal notice / Contact

Your rental agreement is concluded with:

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For questions or any other information/advice you may require related to our website and booking, please contact our local office:

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