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Welcome to the new VacanceSelect

VacanceSelect has been renewed. A new website, more offers and a better service. But what does that mean for you?

  • Even greater choice from many more accommodations and campsites
  • Now also holiday parks: beautiful bungalows, chalets, apartments or holiday homes
  • A team of experienced travel specialists who know the parks from their own experiences
  • VacanceSelect accommodations are now part of Eurocamp and Homair: you can still book them but under a different name
  • The same hospitality and passion to provide a beautiful holiday for you!

A new owner

Last year, the European Camping Group (ECG) acquired the VacanceSelect Group. The European Camping Group already includes the organisations Eurocamp, Roan, Homair and CampingVision. The VacanceSelect brand has been acquired by CampingVision. You may already know this Dutch/Danish/Swiss organization from the brands Allcamps and LuxCamp. Additionally, VacanceSelect has been part of this group since October 1, 2023.   Therefore, we have updated the brand's appearance, including its logo and website, which now has even greater search functionality and interesting new features.

It's good to know that VacanceSelect no longer offers its own mobile homes on the new website. The mobile homes that VacanceSelect offered on their website until this year are still on offer, but no longer under the same name. This is because Eurocamp and Homair have taken possession of them.   They are coming back only under a different name.  In addition to these accommodations, you will find the accommodations of many other tour operators and campsites themselves on the new VacanceSelect website. VacanceSelect works with most of the top campsites and tour operators in Europe!

At the moment, not all accommodations listed on the VacanceSelect website are yet bookable. These accommodations will be added to the range in the coming weeks. Fortunately, you will find several similar accommodations at all the campsites that VacanceSelect offers.

Now VacanceSelect offers more! From now on, you can also easily book cool Holiday Parks at VacanceSelect. At a holiday park, you will find beautiful bungalows, holiday homes or apartments. For the summer, but also for the winter! This way you can go on holiday with VacanceSelect all year round. And soon we will also add Hotels and Resorts!

What can you book with the new VacanceSelect?


From simple to super luxurious, with excellent swimming possibilities, entertainment, restaurant(s)

  • Mobile homes
  • Glamping tents
  • Bungalow tents
  • Pitches for your own tents or camper/caravan

Holiday Parks

From very small to very large, often in nature, with or without a swimming pool

  • Bungalows
  • Holiday homes
  • Chalets
  • Apartments


Hotel complexes, with indoor or outdoor swimming pools, often on or near a holiday park/campsite

  • Rooms
  • With breakfast
  • All-Inclusive possible