Campsites in Peloponnese

Peloponnese is a beautiful Greek peninsula located in the southern part of Greece. Greece is known for their antique buildings and their great archeological sites and Peloponnese is no exception. Explore some of the unique archeological sites and antique villages and buildings or explore some of the stunning natural beauty that Peloponnese is surrounded by. Explore for example the mountains, forests, rivers, or caves or explore some of the unbelievable beautiful beaches that is surrounded by the Greek sea with crystal clear and azure blue water. If you are into food Peloponnese will not disappoint. Enjoy some of the local dishes with a view over the beautiful landscape or have a glass of vine at one of the vineyards in Peloponnese.  

Peloponnese is an ideal camping destination to both relax in a peaceful atmosphere and to explore the beautiful antique Greece.  

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Golden Sunset
Directly on the beach
Fantastic water park with slides
Sample traditional Greek cuisine
Small-scale campsite with friendly atmosphere



July 23 - 7 nights, 2 adults
4 accommodation types available
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Our best campsites in Peloponnese

In Peloponnese you find Camping Golden Sunset in an idyllic area near a beautiful sandy beach with azure blue water. Camping Golden Sunset is a real dream destination with the facilities that is needed for a great vacation. On the campsite you find a unique water park with two big pools, one big jacuzzi and four different waterslides to keep the kids entertained. Additionally, you find a restaurant that serves delicious local dishes from Greek cuisine, a pool bar and a mini market so you can get all the things you need on the campsite. If the kids are tired of playing in the pool the campsite also offers soccer courts, basketball, tennis and various entertainment options such as dance classes, pool parties, aerobic – Zumba, wine tasting and cooking lessons.   

With a camping trip to Camping Golden Sunset there is also various opportunities to go on excursions and to explore the Greek peninsula and the unique archeological sites and antique villages nearby.  

Things to do when camping in Peloponnese

Peloponnese is an ideal destination if you want to combine a beach holiday with authentic Greek charm, nature, and cultural experiences. When camping in Peloponnese there is always something to do. Visit for instance the archaeological site of Olympia which the birthplace of the Olympic Games or visit Nafplio which is one of the most romantic and beautiful towns in the Argolis area. If you want to go on a full-day excursion, Athens is only a few hours away by car. Here the district of Plaka is a pleasant place to go for a walk and perhaps find a small taverna where you can have your lunch. 

In Peloponnese you find various activities – both activities on land, water and in the air. Try for example scuba diving, rafting, kayaking or surfboarding. Or try seeing the beautiful scenery from the air when paragliding. Are you more into staying on the land and being active you find various possibilities for climbing, mountain biking or trekking. Do you want to just take a break, relax, and breathe then visit some of the natural wonders in Peloponnese. The nature and scenery in Peloponnese are simply magnificent and picturesque. In the area you find both forests, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and the most beautiful beaches. In Peloponnese there is something for everyone – no matter age or interests. This makes it a destination that it perfect for the whole family. If you want to experience some of the most unique sights and villages meanwhile having the possibilities of various activities Peloponnese is the place to visit.