Camping in Hilvarenbeek

Hilvarenbeek is a quaint village found near the border of Belgium and in the southern portion of the Netherlands. This amazing region offers some amazing luxury camping sites as well as family-friendly possibilities during any stay. To learn more in regards to any camping holiday here, reach out and speak to VacanceSelect.
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Unique water and sand play paradise
For the more active: band rafting, sports court and PumpTrack
Five-star topper !
Shopping in nearby Eindhoven
£804From: £652
June 22 - 7 nights, 2 adults
6 accommodation types available

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1000+ Campsites and Holiday Parks
Lowest Price Guarantee
No Booking Fee
Beekse Bergen
Free entry to Safari Park (min. 3 nights), not for pitches
Swimming in the pool or lake
Playing in Speelland, free of charge
Many activities such as mini golf
£1,022From: £827
June 22 - 7 nights, 2 adults
7 accommodation types available
Indoor pool
Swimming lake with slide and beach
Entertainment at the Koos Kids Club
Hiking on the Strabrechtse Heide
From: £431
June 21 - 7 nights, 2 adults
4 accommodation types available
Next to National Park Loonse and Drunense Dunes
Awesome water playground and indoor playground
Amusement park Efteling just 3 km away
Enjoy Burgundy Brabant
£847From: £550
June 22 - 7 nights, 2 adults
6 accommodation types available

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1000+ Campsites and Holiday Parks
Lowest Price Guarantee
No Booking Fee
Recreatiepark Duinhoeve
15 minutes from The Efteling
Swimming pool and separate children's pool
Large playground and bouncy castles
By the nature reserve the Loonse and Drunense Dunes
From: £852
June 22 - 7 nights, 2 adults
6 accommodation types available
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Hilvarenbeek: A Closer Look

Why Should I Select a Holiday Camping Site in Hilvarenbeek?

The possibility to visit one of the largest safaris in Europe. 

Luxury camping resorts that offer mobile homes, modern conveniences and nearby activities.

Amazing culinary options.

Open-air parks and other outdoor excursions.

Hilvarenbeek: A Closer Look

This location is associated with a traditional Dutch culture that has changed little throughout the centuries. Each municipality still has its own church and quaint shops represent excellent windows into the past. Summers here are warm and comfortable while winters open up the possibility to visit nearby regions where skiing is an option. A large safari has now come to define this village.

Beekse Bergen & Beaches & Nature in Hilvarenbeek

The Most Popular Campsites in Hilvarenbeek

Beekse Bergen

Beekse Bergen is by far the most well-known luxury camping site within this region. Indoor and outdoor entertainment, an open-air pool, a restaurant and the famous "Jungle Club" are all excellent options for the entire family to experience. These levels of camping luxury are increased due to the presence of wireless Internet, bathing facilities, a miniature golf course and views of nearby Lake Victoria.

Beaches and Nature in Hilvarenbeek

Anyone who hopes to enjoy swimming in natural settings should make it a point to visit Lake Victoria. The scenery here is splendid and this is complimented by sandy beaches alongside clean waters. There are also many groomed parks to be found within Hilvarenbeek proper. These can be ideally suited for families that hope to enjoy the fresh air during their camping holiday.

Attractions in Hilvarenbeek & Food, Drink and Culture

Attractions in Hilvarenbeek

The main attraction here is a large park known as Safaripark Beekse Bergen. A variety of exotic birds and mammals can be viewed here. This offers a unique glimpse at species that would not otherwise exist in Europe. There are also two museums within the town of Hilvarenbeek. It is always recommended that visitors take some time to explore the ancient streets and friendly shops that can be found here. These exist in small hamlets such as Gorp, Beerten and Rovert.

Food, Drink and Culture

The Dutch have always been known for their unique culinary specialities. These should be tried during any luxury camping adventure. Sweets such as chocoladeletters (chocolate morsels) and drop (licorice) are excellent complements to the more well-known options including Hollandse nieuwe haring (a type of smoked herring). There are many types of beers and wines available; perfect for an afternoon out or during any meal. As travellers would hope for, the people are quite friendly and open to tourists.