Camping Shkodër

Shkodër is a beautiful city in northern Albania! The region of the same name lies on the shores of the picturesque Lake Shkodër, surrounded by green hills and mountains. Here you can enjoy relaxing boat trips on the lake surrounded by peaceful nature, or take a stroll through the old town and discover the fascinating history of the region.

For adventurous vacationers, Shkodër also offers plenty of options. You can go hiking or cycling in the nearby Albanian Alps, where you can enjoy breathtaking views and unspoiled nature. There are also water sports activities available on the lake, such as kayaking and fishing.

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Camping holidays in Shkodër

You are in the midst of lush nature here, surrounded by the soothing sounds of rippling water and singing birds. This is exactly what awaits you on a camping holiday in Shkodër. Choose comfortable accommodation at a campsite on the shores of Lake Shkodër and enjoy days filled with swimming, fishing, and relaxing by the water.

Tips for the holidays in the surroundings of Shkodër

Travel out and discover the breathtaking surroundings of Shkodër. Take a boat ride on Lake Shkodër and admire the serene beauty of this shimmering water. Explore the nearby Rozafa Castle and enjoy panoramic views of the city and the surrounding countryside.

Discover the region's enchanting nature while hiking through the Albanian Alps, where you will be rewarded with spectacular views and the chance to spot wildlife. Also visit historical sites such as the Marubi Museum of Photography and the Ebu Beker Mosque, where you can learn more about Shkodër's fascinating history.

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