Camping Vlorë

Vlorë, Albania's bustling third city, is located on the beautiful coast of the Bay of Vlorë. This city, with its Mediterranean climate and diverse population, offers a mix of historic charm and modern developments. You will find everything from picturesque beaches to ancient ruins.

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July 30 - 7 nights, 2 adults
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Vacations in Vlorë

Dive into the rich history of Vlorë with a day trip to Amantia, an ancient Greek city-state with impressive archaeological finds such as the Aphrodite temple and theater. Also explore the enchanting beaches outside the city, such as Uji i Ftohte and Orikum, perfect for relaxation and water sports.

Tips for the surroundings of Vlorë

For a touch of adventure, take a day trip to Nartë, a charming village with a Greek Orthodox church and the enchanting Narta Lagoon, home to a diverse ecosystem of birds and wildlife.

Please also set aside time to visit the breathtaking Llogora National Park, where majestic mountains meet lush forests. Enjoy panoramic views, hikes and perhaps even an encounter with some of the native animals, such as griffon vultures and Eurasian otters.